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The Ultimate Singing Waiters: Where Meals Morph into Showstoppers (and Napkins Fly!) 

Meet the Dream Duo: Lee and Heidi – The Masterminds Behind the Music:

Lee Pashley

From Cruise Ships to Wedding Showstoppers: Lee – The Maître D/ Head Waiter is the founder and owner of  The Ultimate Singing Waiters. Originally from York where he studied at The De Costa Academy Of Arts – Lee has had over 30 years of experience wowing audiences, from dazzling on cruise ships to rocking the London Palladium.He has a very busy diary with his tribute show to ROBBIE WILLIAMS ‘He’s The One ‘ and his musical theatre group ‘The Musical Tones’ but with The Ultimate Singing Waiters nothing beats seeing the pure joy on couples’ faces when their “harmless waiter” unleashes a personalised serenade. That’s pure magic.


Heidi, Lee’s partner in crime, is working her magic in two ways: Pre-Wedding Maestro: From the initial conversations with the bride and groom to liaising with the hotel and ironing out logistics like F&B details and discreet communication with staff, she’s your silent guardian angel, ensuring your surprise unfolds flawlessly. Heidi studied drama and music alongside leisure and tourism at Steyning collage. She started out as a blue coat at Pontins ( Lee was a Red Coat ) and for the last 20 years Heidi has been touring her Abba tribute shows as well as running The Ultimate Singing Waiters she is a full time mum !

On-the-Day Double Duty: On the big day, Heidi seamlessly blends in as a single waitress, adding to the element of surprise. But don’t be fooled! Her calm demeanor hides a laser-sharp focus as she ensures everything runs like clockwork behind the scenes. So you can relax, soak in the joy, and witness your wedding breakfast become the talk of the town (and beyond!).

Our Secret Weapon? A Stellar Chorus of Talent

I’m not alone in this mission to rock your wedding meal. Behind me stands a team of professional singers, each with their own vocal magic and diverse repertoire. From soulful crooners to powerhouse belters, smooth jazz vocalists to energetic pop stars, we’ve got a genre to match every vibe and make your guests leap out of their chairs. Carrying the template of ‘ The Ultimate Singing Waiters ‘ guaranteeing a 100% professional approach to every wedding and event.

Ready to Make Your Wedding the Ultimate Showstopper? Contact The Ultimate Singing Waiters today! We’ll turn your breakfast into a Broadway musical, your guests into a chorus line, and your wedding into a story for the ages. Let’s get those dance floors slippery and make your happily ever after sing!

Bonus Tip: We’re all about customization! Want us to incorporate your inside jokes? Dress up as fairytale characters? The possibilities are as endless as your love story. Cheers to unforgettable weddings and The Ultimate Singing Waiters!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out our testimonials and videos to see the joy we bring to wedding meals/ breakfasts / events across the UK and beyond !